Located at less then 1 km of distance from Naples, Pozzuoli is where the present meets the past, where glorius archaeolocical rest are co-existing with the day by day life of an animated sea village. Pozzuoli is an open-air museum of the Mediterranean atmosphere which keeps its original and authentic spirit of an italian style little town. Pozzuoli is the main center of the Campi Flegrei, an area full of historical traces: this is where the roman emperors were having holiday two thousands years ago, as demonstrated by the presence of many old roman villas and temples. Organized as an half day excursion, the Pozzuoli and Campi Flegrei tour  aims to let you enjoy a great experience of your holiday in a peaceful place still far from crowded touristic destination. Join this tour, discover a place not colonized by the tourism! You will not be disappointed!

Anfiteatro Flavio

Being the main harbour of the imperial Rome, Pozzuoli was an active town of the roman age trading with many ports in the rest of the Mediterranean. Lions and tigers for gladiator shows were exhibiting first at Pozzuoli Amphiteatre and only after at Rome Colosseum.

Villa Avellino Park

During a walk is always good to drink fresh water at the public fountain of this park. This is where Pozzuoli inhabitants have jogging and enjoy nature. Are they aware that the park is standing over old roman villas?! How is that possible?!

Mediterranean and mytological panoramas

Enjoy extraordinary views over Capri, Ischia, Procida and Sorrento. The Pozzuoli bay and the entire area of Campi Flegrei are an introduction in the myths and legend of old roman and greek times: they form the scenario where Virgil set the VI chapter of its “Aeneid” poem!

Tempio di Serapide

Just in front the port, this is the old roman market of Pozzuoli and probably one of the best archaeological site of Italy. About 3 centuries ago a statue of the old egyptian godness “Serapide” was found during the excavation, demonstrating how close were the commercial and social relations between the Roman Empire and Egypt.


Pozzuoli center

Although extremely close to Naples, Pozzuoli will let you feel far from a crowded town and will invite you to enjoy is animated atmpsphere of a mediterranean friendly fishermen village where summer never ends. To drink cocktails or taste local wines in the centre of Pozzuoli after the tour is a very good idea.


Rione Terra

Located on the top of a sea-hill like the Acropoli of an old greek town, this is one of the oldest part of Pozzuoli. Because of small but continuous sismic activity of the land below, this area is today not lived but is possible to visit its old street and panoramical corners.



The first Sunday of the month and on private request


Time and Meeting Point

09:50 am at the beginning of platform 14 Naples Central Station

How to get here

Naples Central Statione is an important logistic hub for the transport in the whole urban area and it is very easy to get

By Metro / Underground:

Line 1 stops in Garibaldi, which corresponds to the square of Naples Central Station. Once outside the underground, just follow the indications to the train station.

Line 2 stops in Piazza Garibaldi, which corresponds to the lower floor of Naples Central Station. Once outside the train, just go to the upper floor.

Circumvesuviana Railway, linking Sorrento and Pompeii with Naples, stops in Garibaldi station as well.

By bus

The main lines of local transport bus, including bus coming from airport, have stops in Piazza Garibaldi, which is the square of the central station.

The Central station is bus terminal of regional, national and international bus lines

By Ship

In case you are arriving to Naples by ferry or Cruise ships, the best way to reach the central station is by Metro Line 1 which has stops in Piazza Municipio (the square just in fron the Cruise Terminal).



Good to Know

  • A Free Tour Naples badge on myself will let you recognize me at the meeting point
  • Tour duration is roughly 2,5 hs and price is 12€ per person. Children under 12 have price of 6 €
  • Ticket price for underground to Pozzuoli is 2,2 € per person one way
  • Tour is given in english and spanish
  • Booking is required
  • Remember to wear comfortable shoes