There is no easier thing then to have great food at good price while in Naples. No matter in which area of the town you are, you should always find very good food anywhere. If the Pizza, especially the famous Margherita looks to be the queen of the local food, please bear in mind that there are hundreds of other things which do deserve your taste!

Normally, while in a pizzeria, Neapolitans like as starters some “frittura mista”, which include typical fried food like the fiorillicrocchè di patate, paste cresciute, arancini.

To fry food has always been a local tradition: you can also ask for a pizza fritta or look for some friggitorialocal shops specialised in fried food where to taste a huge variety of this meals.

The pasta has its historical roots in the Naples area where important factories of pasta are still present since centuries. To combine pasta with different sauces is an authentic art in Naples and while staying in a typical trattoria you can choose among a long range of different pastas, like ragù, genovese, pasta e patate, pasta e fagioli, pasta e ceci.

Very typical plate of Naples is also spaghetti a vongole (spaghetti with clams), which is also traditionally eaten in the Christmas dinner of the 24th of December.

A classic of the Neapolitan cousine is friarielli, green local fried vegetables which are often served with salsicce (sausages). Many people in Naples consider salsicce e friarielli as a couple in love, so you may find them together on pizzas or inside a sandwich.

Do not forget also that the Campania, the region of Naples, is the native land of the real and fresh mozzarella di bufala (buffalo mozzarella) which is very often served in the caprese, a type of salad done with tomatoes and basil. Please forget the industrial cheese of your supermarket: here in area of Naples the mozzarella is still produced with milk of local buffalos accordingly to old recipes.

Another superb queen of the Neapolitan tables is for sure the parmigiana di melanzane, based on fried aubergines with tomato souce, basilico and covered by lot of parmigiano. Believe me, it is great!

Many patisseries of Naples proudly show in the streets traditional local sweets, some of them based on cheese like the popular sfogliatella and the pastiera or on fruits and chocolate.

Very typical is the babbà, a sort of sweet bread containing some rum and often decorated with cream and strawberries.

For those who like chocolate a slice of caprese, a cake with almonds and nuts, is a must to be tasted!

All the gelaterie of Naples are the perfect place where to have excellent italian gelato “ice cream”, with huge variety of flavours, like stracciatellaand cioccolato.

Last but not least: the Neapolitan coffè! You do not need to sit in a table to have your coffè, do like the Neapolitan and just ask to the barman to prepare you a caffè. In few seconds you will get an extraordinary espresso served in a hot small cup which has been previously boiled in hot water. Just drink it and go, this is how the Neapolitans drink coffe, quickly but very frequently in a day!

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Dear friends, hoping to meet you at my free walking tour of Naples, let me wish you Buon appetito!