Hi, I am Marcello, nice to meet you!

I was born in 1982 in Naples where I currently live and I am a proud citizen of. I always had the passion to let visitors know my town more in depth and go beyond the classical stereotypes. In the past I lived abroad and travelled a lot, especially in Europe, and it is partly because of my experiences as tourist that I came to the decision that it is time to cultivate my passion and to try to do something for my town, starting by a project of free walking tours.

I have a Degree in Political studies and I am fluent in English, Spanish and with quite good level of French. My knowledge of the town does not come from art and history studies, but from my day- by-day life. I am practical on how to move through Naples and I know what to do in order to turn a simple walk of few hours into an original and true experience of this town.

When travelling I like to experience the soul of the places and this is what I hope to let you find here

A special thanks to my grandparents for all what they taught me since I was a child.

The idea of the Napoli walking tours of Free Tour Naples was since some years already in my mind, but the impulse to turn it in concrete came during one of my stay in the Greek islands, where the hospitality of people, the blue of the sea and the beauty of nature encouraged me to this project.Thank you Greece.

Now if you want to know more about me, just show up in the meeting point!